Are you wanting to step up and become an active part of your healing?

Do you believe in making a difference not just in the world but with yourself?

You are the cause worth fighting for.

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"The massage I received from Sara was among the best I've ever had. After the session, I felt incredibly relaxed, flexible, and clear. And I slept so soundly that night, and the next night too!  Sara has developed a unique approach to massage and myofascial release, adeptly combining rythmic, slow strokes with effective stretches and movement. She is able to sense where there is pain and restriction, and works gently to reduce both.  I am looking forward to my next session with Sara, to more deep sleep, lasting relaxation, and to a better feeling, more fluid body".



“Sara Oakley is a lightning rod for healing. Each time she has massaged me, I felt transported into another realm, which felt like a deep, safe place I could rest. Her gentle, slow-moving touch made me feel like I could relax and trust her with my body while I rested. I felt physically and emotionally better after her massage. You don’t get that every day :) See for yourself, and enjoy! You probably deserve it.”



"What I value most and what allows me to feel safe in a session is when I perceive the practitioner to be present.  As soon as I walked into the room I felt attended to by Sara.  She held the space in what felt like a solid and grounded atmosphere and so I surrendered to the experience.  When Sara asked me how my body was feeling lately, I told her about some familiar and persistent pain in my upper back and neck.  She listened to me and took in the information on a deep level as was felt throughout the entire session.  I was cared for and relieved of most of the tension I had been holding.  The session proved to be impactful physically and well as emotionally for days to follow.  I am so happy I treated myself to a session with Sara"



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